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SteveCMS is an open source CMS system written on ASP .NET MVC 2.0 and .NET 4.0

This is still very much a work in progress. If you are interested in contributing, please let me know.

The main planned features are:
  • Simple customization - SteveCMS is designed for simple customization and skinning using ASP .NET MVC and the view engine of your choice
  • SEO friendly – SteveCMS is designed for SEO out of the box
  • Personalization features – SteveCMS has the ability to tailor the experience in the site to the user viewing the site
  • Cloud ready – SteveCMS has been designed to be hosted on Windows Azure and could be hosted on Amazon EC2 as well
  • Optimized for large collections of contents – SteveCMS was designed for sites with thousands upon thousands of content pages in mind


  • Easy customization using ASP .NET MVC Views
  • Use the view engine of your choice
  • Full HTML control


  • Case sensitive URL handling
  • URL rewriting and redirection built in
  • Automated content interlinking
  • Automated categorization and link suggestion


  • Content suggestion

Cloud Ready

  • Windows Azure ready
  • Amazon EC2 ready

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